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UpTrend is an all-in-one platform for the creator economy. With our suite of features, creators can share, engage, and collaborate to help grow and monetize their online presence. UpTrend is an all-encompassing platform for anyone to start or continue their creator journey.

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How does it work?

Take your post and publish it to UpTrend

UpTrend users engage with & share your content

UpTrend Users = Paid

Their followers engage with your content

Social Media Users = Not Paid

UpTrend users get paid based on the engagement they generate for your post

UpTrend user’s followers organically share your content. This is the start of your content going viral.

The end result

Boosted Engagement

High Traffic

Increased Brand Awareness


Engagement is a ranking signal on all social media platforms. If people engage with your content, the algorithm will see that content as interesting and valuable, and surface it to more users within your niche.

Social Media is all about engagement. UpTrend is all about getting your posts as much organic engagement as possible to kickstart the social media algorithm, and give the initial push your content needs to go viral.

SM Score

Check your
social media score

See where you stand in the competition all in one click. Enter your Twitter username and get an overall score based on the average influencer, providing tips and tricks on how to grow and monetize your social media account.

UpTrend Rewards

Earn More

Sharing campaigns to social media, liking and retweeting boost campaigns, and interacting with the platform provides more in-app rewards

Receive Discounts

Brands can use TREND while creating a campaign to decrease the UpTrend’s service fee, allocating more funds toward their budget


Use your TREND rewards to receive discount codes on products/services from brands you love