Contract Address: 0xc4ED752D658989Fe86dB8dDad3F6F19271552d23

Turning any social media user into paid influencers.

UpTrend is a dynamic marketing platform connecting brands to influencers that hold a micro to macro following. Businesses upload social media posts they want promoted, while influencers choose which campaign best suits their brand. UpTrend tracks and pays influencers based on their engagement stats.


Influencers choose from the campaign category list, connect their social media accounts, and start earning from engagement metrics.

Welcome to UpTrend

The future of social media influencer marketing. Innovating the market with a win/win model, UpTrend is designed to help businesses promote campaigns, build their brand, and reach a wider demographic, while providing influencers an additional strategy to social media growth.

My Earnings

Influencers view the performance of their campaigns across all platforms and their earnings, giving them the ability to cash out.


  • Earning/Using Trend Token
  • NInfluencers sharing campaigns and earning engagement provides rewards in TREND token.
  • NBrands funding campaigns created on the platform with TREND token (Coming V1).
  • Multiplier Payouts
  • NTREND Tokens are Reward Tokens for using the platform that have real money value. Owning a certain amount of TREND tokens will give you a different membership tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black). Each membership has its benefits. See whitepaper for breakdown.
  • Service Discounts
  • NOwning TREND offers platform users a cost-effective experience. Users can utilize TREND tokens to cover UpTrend’s fee while creating a campaign, and earn a 25% discount on that fee. Users are also offered a 25% discount when purchasing UpTrend merchandise.
  • Refer a Friend
  • NRefer friends to the platform with your own custom link and earn TREND tokens. Earn $10 worth of TREND tokens when a friend uses your link to sign up and buys $25 worth of TREND Tokens on the website.

Steps to Buy

How to Acquire UpTrend?

Step 1

Download Trustwallet

Simply visit & download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the DeFi market.

Remember to never share your seed phrase!

Step 2

Fund Your Wallet

Purchase BNB or BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to fund your wallet.

UpTrend coin is a token generated on the Binance Smart Chain.

Step 3

Enable Trust Browser

For iPhones only.
Visit on your mobile browser.

Click connect at the top right corner of the page. Click Wallet Connect, and select Trust Wallet. This will open up the app. Confirm on Trust Wallet and head back to your mobile browser.

Step 4

Swap for UpTrend

Select exchange from the dropdown menu on the left. Click select a currency & enter the contract address: 0xc4ED752D658989Fe86dB8dDad3F6F19271552d23 Set your slippage to 11%

Tax Breakdown.


Marketing & Partnerships


Liquidity Pool


Webapp & Token Development


100 Billion Total Supply






ECC Pre-Sale


Pancake Swap


Influencer Partnerships


Marketing Partners**


Team Tokens

** Vested for 1 year


Phase 1

  • NTREND Presale
  • NToken/Beta launch - Paid platform testing
  • LSmart contract to Influencer payouts
  • LToken rewards system
  • LTransak implementation to beta
  • LToken marketing partnerships

Phase 2

  • LETH bridge
  • LPlatform marketing partnerships
  • LUpTrend platform Version 1
  • 5Signup flow open to non-crypto users
  • 5Campaign creation for influencers/brands
  • 5Multiplier campaigns
  • 5Request a campaign (brands)
  • 5Data analytics for insight on earned engagement

Phase 3

  • LUpTrend platform Version 2
  • 5Campaign creation for influencers
  • 5Chat feature for brand & influencer connections & campaign creation
  • 5Coupon code generation and sharing
  • 5Affiliate marketing
  • 5‘Pay for Likes’ - Algorithmic processing
  • LETH relaunch eliminating tax
  • LTREND Staking
  • LEcommerce extension - UpTrend merchandise

Phase 4

  • LiOS/Android release of UpTrend
  • LUpTrend Platform Version 3
  • 5Video streaming service sharing