Social Media Marketing
Made Simple.

The easiest platform for brands and influencers to connect.

  • Grow your brand
  • Become a paid influencer
  • Collaborate
  • Earn rewards

Easy to Monetize

Perks for Influencers

Signup and earn

Find posts that resonate with your audience, share, and earn

Monetize your social media

A win/win scenario: Brands only pay for organic engagement, while influencers get paid for the engagement they generate

Connect with brands

The simplest way to reach out to brands to collaborate on social media campaigns

Boost your following and engagement

Get other influencers to post your content and boost your engagement

Simple to Advertise

Perks for Brands

Viral content

Post a campaign and have access to all uptrend influencers share your content

Boost your engagement

Take an existing post and drive more influencers to engage with your content

Easy collaboration

Find and work with influencers that fit your brand’s niche

Goodbye paid ads

Stop paying for impressions, start paying for real results

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Become an UpTrend Affiliate

Sign up to the UpTrend mailing list and get your own unique code to share with your followers and friends – for every referral that signs up, you get paid. It’s that simple!

SM Score

Check your
social media score

See where you stand in the competition all in one click. Enter your Twitter username and get an overall score based on the average influencer, providing tips and tricks on how to grow and monetize your social media account.

UpTrend Rewards

Earn More

Sharing campaigns to social media, liking and retweeting boost campaigns, and interacting with the platform provides more in-app rewards

Receive Discounts

Brands can use TREND while creating a campaign to decrease the UpTrend’s service fee, allocating more funds toward their budget


Use your TREND rewards to receive discount codes on products/services from brands you love

Meet Our Team

Hover over our team to find out more about their role in UpTrend

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Ryan Mandel

Ryan Mandel

CEO, Founder

Shane Mosoff

Shane Mosoff

COO, Co-Founder

Devin Alldrit

Devin Alldrit


Michael Zon

Michael Zon

Tech Advisor

Dylan Shoychet

Dylan Shoychet